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About Wasted Media

A little bit about us

Wasted Media was established to bring a voice to brands, products and communities that have ‘green-ness’ and sustainability at their core. We are a team of media professionals, journalists, influencers and digital media nerds, with many years under our belts in Advertising, Journalism, Broadcasting, PR, and even Finance. We should be jaded with today’s media landscape, but we love it. 

Having spent so many of our years working with large organisations, calculating billable hours, watching the clock and putting the company bottom line ahead of client needs, we decided that we wanted more. To do more. To be more.

We are a team that believes in giving the right brands a voice that they deserve. Because now, more than ever, they need to be heard.


Mary O’Sullivan (CEO)

Mary has spent the last 20 years managing commercial, PR and marketing activities within the media industry. She has been an integral part of the start-up phases of new broadcast media and outdoor advertising platforms in Dublin. She believes that Consumers are actively looking to engage with brands that are taking the sustainability of our planet seriously.

As CEO and co-founder of the Wasted Media Group, she insists that these brands need a voice and has established this multi-media agency to do just that. Mary is also the co-founder and CEO of

We understand

Because we have been there

We have been in this media landscape for a long time, so we know how difficult it is for brands to cut-through the ever-increasing advertising clutter faced by consumers everyday. There are so many media platforms and so many digital channels these days. Yes, it  means that more advertising options are available to you than ever before, but it also makes it more difficult to know if you are making the the right decision for your brand.

Let us do the heavy lifting and find the right audience for you. 

Your brand is important

Why we care

In today’s marketing world, the protection of our planet has quickly become one of the most important considerations to people when choosing a brand they decide to do business with. Consumers are no longer just looking for the cheapest or the most convenient, but are seeking out products, services and brands that they feel are contributing in a positive way towards the sustaining of our planet. These are the brands we want to work with. This growing audience may historically have been difficult to find, but they are also consumers that have a massive appetite to help.

Consumers need a choice. You need a voice. That’s where we come in.

stay ahead of the curve

digital & creative solutions for your business

We are here to help you position your brand in the right way, to the right audience, at the right time. Trends in the digital media landscape change every day, but people’s habits remain pretty much the same. When promoting your brand on-line, you just need to make sure the right people are listening.

Let's make something great together

Our door is always open and we're happy to discuss new ideas!